boucheron goyard watch


The Maison Goyard and the Maison Boucheron come together to create 80 limited-edition engraved watch and case sets.

In 1936, out of a desire to unite the great Maisons established in their neighborhood, Messrs. Boucheron, Goyard and Ritz helped to found the association ‘la place Vendome, ses atours et ses alentours’ [Place Vendome, its finery and its surroundings], which was renamed ‘Comite Vendome’ in 1971. The Comite Vendome’s mission was to preserve the extra soul’ of Place Vendome and to promote the influence of the area both in France and in the world.

In 2015, to seal their lifelong special relationship, Boucheron and Goyard, the two emblematic Houses of French artistry, decided to combine their expertise and their history to create a product as exceptional as it is unique. The set reflects the shared vision of a lifestyle of elegance and refinement, uniting the two icons of each Maison: the Goyardine, the chevron-patterned canvas created in 1892 by Monsieur Goyard and the Reflet, the timepiece created in 1947 by Louis Boucheron.

Each of the 80 sets comprises a precious golden Goyardine case containing an iconic Reflet in yellow gold and three interchangeable straps. There is an engraving on the back of the watch casing celebrating the Place Vendome. Then the ultimate surprise comes in the Signature Secrete of the Reflet, the barely-there hologram of the Vendome column on the sapphire crystal glass of the watch.

Today Boucheron and Goyard pay tribute to Place Vendome to count its most joyful hours…

The set consists of a Reflet watch and three interchangeable straps – gold, white and black -and a watch display case. Limited edition of 80 engraved watch sets.