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Over 17 exclusive brands, Rubaiyat Jewelry & watches store now opens in Jeddah

Rubaiyat has opened its first jewelry and watches department store retailing around 17 leading luxury brands of jewelry, and watches.


Located in Jameel Square, Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Street (Tahlia Street), Jeddah, the store occupies an area of 400 sqm with two floors displaying jewelry watches by prestigious Swiss, Italian, Spanish, British and American jewelers.


Rubaiyat is proud to represent such a large number of the most exclusive jewelers and watchmakers who are now conveniently gathered under roof in a luxury department store where Rubaiyat’s elite clientele can enjoy selecting from a wide range of styles and designs in an ambience equally befitting their social status and the superior quality of these highly desirable brands.


The Italian jewelers are Roberto Coin, Palmiero, Vhernier, Chantecler, Luca Carati, Pasqale Bruni, Fope, Anna Maria Camelli, and Mattioli. Other renowned jewelers are Carrera y Carrera, Rodney Rayner and David Yurman.


The five Swiss watch brands are Parmagiani, Quinting, Armin Strom, Hysek and Armand Nicolet.


This year Rubaiyat is celebrating its 37th anniversary and today is recognized as the leading retailer of high fashion and luxury brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has become renowned for its insistence on the highest quality and impeccable service coupled with creative flair and innovative thinking that have earned the Kingdom a prominent position as one of the foremost luxury goods and fashion capitals of the Middle East.


Maison Boucheron Celebrates Opening of Boutique in Jeddah

Legendary Parisian Jeweler brings iconic creations and signature watches to Saudi Arabia

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – October 2015: The Maison Boucheron celebrates the opening of its new boutique in Saudi Arabia at El-Khayyat Center, Jeddah, where it welcomes its customers for the first time in Saudi Arabia to a brand new concept inspired by the renowned Parisian jeweler. Boucheron is expanding its presence with this Parisian-style boutique to offer its iconic creations to the kingdom’s elite clientele.


The Boucheron Hôtel Particulier: A tribute to Light

Bringing a new level of Parisian luxury to Jeddah, this 100 sqm boutique was designed to reflect the contemporary Hôtel Particulier of the Maison Boucheron. Its light marble façade was inspired by 26 Place Vendôme, the historic address chosen by Frédéric Boucheron in 1893.

Upon entering the customer is immersed in a white and champagne coloured décor that celebrates the exceptional luminosity of the famous Place Vendome boutique. Inviting customers to delve into the graceful setting, the boutique evokes a relaxing aura to create a unique welcome and an exceptional buying experience.

The Boucheron Creations

Emblematic timepieces will be presented alongside iconic jewelry creations, such as the graphic Quatre and the timeless Ava. The Serpent Bohème collection will be found here, a tribute to the love story between Frédéric Boucheron and his wife Gabrielle. Boucheron’s watchmaking art will also take center stage with the new Epure collections. A selection of High Jewelry pieces such as Pompon is also offered to Saudi Arabia’s discerning clientele.

Five Star Service

Renowned for the excellence of its hospitality for more than 157 years, the Maison Boucheron welcomes its customers as it would its friends. Over all these years it has forged very strong ties with its distinguished clients by offering unique creations to accompany them in celebrating the most important moments in their lives.

In the finest tradition of French High Jewelry, Boucheron also offers a special order service with an exceptional experience, guiding the client in every step of the creation.

boucheron goyard watch


The Maison Goyard and the Maison Boucheron come together to create 80 limited-edition engraved watch and case sets.

In 1936, out of a desire to unite the great Maisons established in their neighborhood, Messrs. Boucheron, Goyard and Ritz helped to found the association ‘la place Vendome, ses atours et ses alentours’ [Place Vendome, its finery and its surroundings], which was renamed ‘Comite Vendome’ in 1971. The Comite Vendome’s mission was to preserve the extra soul’ of Place Vendome and to promote the influence of the area both in France and in the world.

In 2015, to seal their lifelong special relationship, Boucheron and Goyard, the two emblematic Houses of French artistry, decided to combine their expertise and their history to create a product as exceptional as it is unique. The set reflects the shared vision of a lifestyle of elegance and refinement, uniting the two icons of each Maison: the Goyardine, the chevron-patterned canvas created in 1892 by Monsieur Goyard and the Reflet, the timepiece created in 1947 by Louis Boucheron.

Each of the 80 sets comprises a precious golden Goyardine case containing an iconic Reflet in yellow gold and three interchangeable straps. There is an engraving on the back of the watch casing celebrating the Place Vendome. Then the ultimate surprise comes in the Signature Secrete of the Reflet, the barely-there hologram of the Vendome column on the sapphire crystal glass of the watch.

Today Boucheron and Goyard pay tribute to Place Vendome to count its most joyful hours…

The set consists of a Reflet watch and three interchangeable straps – gold, white and black -and a watch display case. Limited edition of 80 engraved watch sets.

Serpent Bohème,
 A historic signature

Emblematic of the Maison Boucheron, the Serpent Bohème collection is a hallmark of the very essence of Boucheron.

In 1888, on the eve of one of his countless voyages around the world, Frédéric Boucheron, to show his unending love, protection and joy, offered his wife Gabrielle a necklace in the form of a serpent. From that moment, the figure of the serpent has continued to inspire, never leaving the creations of Boucheron.

The first Serpent Bohème collection is launched in 1968, and it has become one of the very iconic lines of the Maison.

Today the numerous transformations of this icon of Bou- cheron, continually reinvented, live on beyond the passing of time. Playing with unexpected motifs, it is the Boucheron creation par excellence which makes this collection timeless and so seductive.


Catch the light

Assertive and radiant, the new Quatre Radiant Edition is a reflection of the woman who wears it.

Precious object, hypnotic gift…

Being able to constantly reinvent itself, Quatre continues to grow. After the Classique Edition, the White Edition and the Black Edition, the Quatre Radiant Edition, released in 2013, has found its place within the collection. This monochrome version now comes in a new color.

Rose gold was the ultimate choice. Although softer, the graphic Quatre Radiant Edition in rose gold still has just as much character. It plays with the material and sublimates the iconic Boucheron motifs: the Godron, the line of diamonds, the oversize Clou de Paris and the Grosgrain.

New, small versions of the Radiant Edition in yellow, white and rose gold have been added to the collection, offering a variety of models for the creation of iconic looks.

Available now in all Boucheron boutiques

From euros 6,000


Claire Choisne, Head of Creations for the Maison Boucheron

‘For the monochrome Quatre Radiant Edition, we have sculpted the gold so that the light reveals the textures of the different codes making up the ring.’

‘The pink gold version of the Quatre Radiant Edition brings softness to this ring of graphic and contemporary design.’

The spirit 
of the collection

The Serpent Bohème collection incarnates the bohemian spirit: the freedom to think in a refined yet unconventional way, an artistic ideal devoted to the quest for a simpler world, one as delicate and beautiful as this collection.

It is this bohemian spirit and carefreeness that enables one to pass freely through eras and styles. The Serpent Bohème collection represents this freedom of style and this taste, passed down from one era to the next, which means that one single jewel may tell a story and be reborn from genera- tion to generation. The Serpent Bohème collec- tion also holds the virtue of family jewels, which one desires to pass from mother to daughter.